Dr. Comer,
I’d like to say thank you for the treatment yesterday at the MWC clinic. You had a special technique on the back treatments and I could feel the muscle/tendon tending along the back. When I laid on the roller massage table with a stem path and I tried to locate where the pain was. I was not able to detect in the right spot. Your magic hands know how to work on and to release the muscle tend, my back feels very good afterward. I just want to send a short note and say thank you again. I wish you and Dr. Block can do the treatment and bring my back to a normal condition.
Hi L.

Active Care Chiropractic Staff:

This thank you note is way overdue. I have been receiving treatment from Active Care Chiropractic for many years. I appreciate the patient, kind, professional, and efficient staff, and the consistent level of excellent care that I receive. All the doctors have shown sincere concern for my well being, always inquire as to how they can best help me, and communicate with me on determining what treatment will relieve me of any pain. I especially appreciate that Dr. Block has always been willing to work with me to make this health care affordable for me.

I have been fortunate to have a table massage with each visit. All massage therapist are excellent and very helpful in regards to my comfort and how they can best help me. I always leave feeling better.

Again, the facilities, the stretching room, the decor, and the all of the people make Active Care an appointment that I always look forward to. I know that I will be treated respectfully and can trust that I will receive the best care possible.
With appreciation,
Elaine P


The Active Care Chiropractic Doctors and Staff are Top Notch! Their compassion and customer service are second to none. I entered their office on my first visit feeling hopeless to the pain I was in but by the time I left I was hopeful that they would be able to help me. By the second visit my hopes were higher and elevated more and more with each subsequent visit. I was greeted on every appointment with a welcoming smile from everyone in the reception area. They have no idea of how much they made my days. You do yourself a great disservice by not becoming a patient of Active Care Chiropractic. The road to health and healing is a short trip with this educated and knowledgeable group of professionals. They are considerate of both your aches and your time. Take care of yourself so that you can be healthy enough to be a Blessing to others. Give them a call TODAY!!!

Katina N.


I want to thank you for literally changing my life, both professionally and personally. Before I was screened by your service two years ago, I accepted my aches and pains as merely a sign of growing old, despite the fact that they were interfering with my professional responsibilities and personal activities. I would become so uncomfortable sitting through hour-long seminars that the pain would distract my attention. I started to avoid traveling because of the pain caused by sitting for extended periods of time in airplanes or cars. My ability to play volleyball on a regular basis was severely hampered, by what I thought was a problem with my knee. After I came in to your clinic for an evaluation, I found that my pains were caused by something that could be adjusted in your office. I have to admit that I was very skeptical about chiropractic medicine when I started treatment, however I was amazed at the restoration of my ability to handle sitting for extended periods of time and activities that I thought were lost with my youth. Your adjustments have allowed me to sit through lectures with full attention and to travel extensively. In fact, I handled a 38-hour international flight and two 17-hour car trips without problems. I’ve been able to play volleyball without knee problems and have enjoyed extensive outdoor sporting activities unconcerned about aches and pains. I am also very grateful for the efficiency of your clinic and office staff. My appointments are usually completed within 15 minutes, which is especially important to me because I live a 45 minute drive from your office and have a very busy life balancing my responsibilities as a professional career woman and single mother. Your office has never had a problem with my last minute change of appointment times. In fact the other day, I hurt my back lifting a box and was able to come into your office for an adjustment immediately to realign the problem.After being very skeptical of chiropractic medicine, I now am convinced that it is a very efficient method of preventive medicine. By keeping people’s spines aligned, you are preventing major problems that could require more invasive techniques and higher costs. I am convinced that if I hadn’t discovered the benefits of chiropractic medicine, that I would have injured myself as I tried to compensate for misalgnment while performing a physical activity. In addition, you medicine can relieve the pain and problems caused by misaligned spines and avoid the need for pain killers and more invasive methods of correction.

Doris B.


I just have to share my story with you. Me, my husband, and my daughter have been going to Dr. Block for a couple months now because I came to one of these luncheons. I ended up at the ER due to extremely severe pain in my left arm that just about took my breath away, and was sure it was a heart attack. They gave me morphine intravenously and it helped but didn’t alleviate the pain. After 12 hours of tests they determined it wasn’t myheart but my neck! My daughter had severe migraine headaches for 6 months and it was just debilitating, while struggling through her senior year of college! I found out at the Luncheon that it very well may be her neck and it was! My husband was shoveling snow on Christmas day last year and hurt his shoulder really bad, he went to physical therapy andalso went to an orthopedic surgeon to no avail. He truly suffered withit for almost a year, went to Dr. Block and found out his shoulder has been out of place for almost a year! All of our suffering has been alleviated because I got an email about these luncheons and went to one Luncheon! Dr. Block is a dear man. He has really brought healing to our home!


For over a year I have had shoulder pain which had been progressively getting worse to the point that I thought I had permanently lost the ability to raise my left arm above my head.

After your staff did the test on my neck and back that showed my spinal stress levels and you visited with me about a plan of action. I was impressed that you gave me a projected time frame for recovery and never pressured me in any way to visit your clinic. I do have to admit that the $100 discount did help to sway my decision to try someone new plus the fact that you came highly recommended by a co-worker that had met you the year before at our Health Fair.

At the end of my first visit, I had more use of my left arm and now after 10 adjustments, I have almost full range of motion and continue to improve. I am so sold on Active Care that I added the cost of 12 office visits to my Flexible Spending account for 2011 to allow me to come in once a month as preventive care.

I want to complement your staff on being professional, friendly, helpful and very organized. I appreciate the fact that there is very little down time since I come in on my lunch hour.

I will continue to recommend you to my co-workers and family members.

Lynda D.


I am so glad that I met you there and actually started coming to your clinic to get straightened out. I feel much better and was glad to pass that along to one of my co-workers this fall. We both feel better and work better now that we are on track. I hope you keep attending the fairs so that I can keep bringing people over to meet you.
Thanks again,

Treva L.


Thank you so much under your caring.
I am so glad to meet you, have you examed my foot and well treated.
Now, I am able to run and jog every morning without any problem. My physical is back to normal.
You are a good doctor I ever have and will always be.
I will always first see you when I have a problem.
May God bless you and wish you with the best success in life.
Thank you so much.

Hi L


I recently attended the subject meeting at SandRidge Energy, at which you presented an excellent program on the benefits of chiropractic care, both short and long term. I was very impressed with the fact that you would take time out of what I now realize is a very busy schedule to both prepare and present the program, and I felt your delivery and personal contact with your audience was excellent. I had enjoyed the benefits of chiropractic care a number of years ago; however, being very new to this area, I had no idea who to approach here until your presentation. I have both appreciated and benefitted from my few sessions to date, and look forward to continuing success over the next few weeks. Thank you for what you do, and I sincerely hope you will continue to educate people on the benefits of chiropractic care.

Karen S.


Dr. Block came to our office, SandRidge Energy, and hosted a Lunch and Learn. It was very informative then they did a scan to see if we had any problems. I have had a history with migraine headaches and just headaches in all. I set up an appointment and also found that my hip was out of alignment. Dr. Block & his office staff have been wonderful and have really gone out of their way to work around my schedule as well as working out a payment plan. My headaches are much better and I have not had a migraine in the past month. My lower back was sore @ first but know it feels so much better and I really feel the treatment is working.

Thanks to you all for you help,

Diana B.


I recently attended your presentation at SandRidge Energy during a Lunch n Learn on the benefits of Chiropractic care. Not only was I impressed with your willingness to present the information, but I was more so impressed with your willingness to spend so much time with each of us talking one on one. You made me feel extremely comfortable and hopeful that my neck pain could be helped. After only a few visits to your office, I am already beginning to notice a huge change in my pain level. I look forward to my weekly appointments with you and the progress we have made so far. So many of my co-workers have made appointments with your office that we would love to see you in a closer location to our downtown office. It would be wonderful if you had at least one day a week where you could come onsite or nearby to take care of your SandRidge appointments. Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to introduce yourself and your practice to all of us. I look forward to continuing my therapy with you.

Brandi J.


I attended a Stress Seminar that you presented here at SandRidge Energy on February 17, 2011. I can’t thank SandRidge enough for bringing you into our office to explain the impact that stress, repetitive motion, poor posture, etc. has on our spine, which of course affects our entire body.

Let me begin by saying that I’ve worked in an office for 40 years, and since my mid-twenties I’ve had neck and/or back pain which is aggravated by sitting at a desk working on a computer. Over the years I’ve had physical therapy, chiropractic care and pain management shots, which still resulted in back surgery and carpal tunnel surgery. Each and every time, the pain began in my neck and upper back and worked its way through the rest of my body. Every treatment or surgery resulted in only a temporary fix. In all that time, no one ever told me how to keep my back and neck healthy. During my first visit with you the same afternoon as the seminar, you reviewed my x-rays with me and explained how you could correct and maintain the problem areas. I have to say I was skeptical but determined to follow through with your plan of action and pray it worked.

I’m happy to say that last Monday was my 8th visit, and I was actually pain free for an entire day. As I sat at my desk that day, I was amazed that there was no burning pain in my back—no stabbing pain my neck. I know we still have a long way to go, but I’m keeping the faith that this treatment, along with a few maintenance visits will keep me healthy in the years to come.



I think the health lectures were great (don’t change a thing about them). I enjoyed the health lecture combined with lunch, that way it doesn’t take anyone away from meetings at other times during the day. One thing that made a believer out of me and convinced me to make an appointment and start coming to your office was when one of your office staff used an instrument to determine the level of problems that I was having in my neck and back and the different colors showed up. My experiences at your office have been great. My hand pain has been totally relieved, I actually thought I had arthritis in my hands from all the years of typing. I’ve also discovered through your office, acupuncture, which is totally unbelievable for reaching trigger points in my body and releasing pressure on them. Thank you for coming to SandRidge and for doing such a great job and making it possible for us to feel better at work and in our daily life.

Linda S.


I had severe back problems and was diagnosed with scoliosis and 2 bulging disc with sciatic nerve pain. There were days when I couldn’t get out of bed because of back pain. After years of therapy and pain medicine I was told that the only thing left to do was surgery. There was no guarantee that the pain would go away with surgery. I attended a “Lunch and Lean” presentation by Dr. Block. I was skeptical of going to a Chiropractor but I’m happy that I did. I noticed improvement after a few weeks of treatment. I am pleased with how well things are going and I will continue with Active Care on a maintenance program. The staff at Active Care are friendly and professional. Thank you Dr. Block and Active Care staff.

Catherine J.


Although I regrettably was unable to attend the health lectures held at our downtown office, I was referred by a friend who had attended. She knew of the issues I was experiencing and after voicing these to Dr. Block, they both concluded that this type of treatment was something that I would benefit from. After an 8 week therapy regimen (24 visits) and an additional 2-3 week extension (at no additional charge), I have noticed a significant improvement to the issues I was experiencing prior to my first visit. X-rays have verified that my targeted areas have improved immensely and I feel will continue to improve once we begin our maintenance routine.

I have nothing but the highest regard for both Dr. Block and Dr. Brickman and their staff. They have been so helpful and encouraging thru this process. From Day 1, I have always been greeted by name when I arrive for my appointments, the wait time is minimal and the treatments really work! I’m very thankful that I was referred to Active Care, which was based solely on the attendance of a co-worker to the first health lecture. My experiences truly signify the value of these health lectures and the dedication these presenters have toward helping patients resolve their issues.

Kyleigh R.


I want you to know how pleased I am with my progress and how much better I am feeling since hearing you speak at our Lunch and Learn at SandRidge. I want to say I have been to several Chiropractors in the past but none never as up front with the explanation of charges and the expectations from the treatment program you offer.

Each time I come in to your office I am positively greeted by name. This makes a person feel like they are getting extra special personal care. Your staff is so pleasant and friendly which makes the whole experience more relaxing and calming.

Thank you and your staff for this great experience of feeling better without having to take prescribed medications which my body has a very difficult time tolerating.
Sherry C.


I’ve been getting positive results from my visits. I was having terrible migraines from about November until January. I’ve been prescribed several different meds to try to help with the headaches. Since I’ve been seeing Dr Block, I’ve only had 1 migraine and my neck tension has gotten much better. I have several more weeks of visits to go, but I’m pretty happy with the progress thus far.

Thank You for making this opportunity available to us!

Lisa F.


Before I began treatment at Active Care Chiropractic, I was experiencing headaches daily and suffered from neck, shoulder and lower back pain. The pain in my back was at a level that I had difficulty standing for any length of time. Simple tasks like standing at the kitchen sink and washing dishes required me to take short breaks to rest my back after a few minutes. Dr. Block is a very caring and thorough doctor. Before I received any treatments, my neck, back and knees were x-rayed and studied. Dr. Block went over the x-rays with me and advised what he thought our course of action should be to get me back in shape. After receiving just a few treatments from Active Care Chiropractic, I no longer suffer from headaches and I now am able to stand at the sink and get my dishes washed without having to take a break and rest my back.

Marilyn P.


For several years, I had been suffering from chronic pain in my hip neck and right shoulder, everything I did was painful. I was also rather skeptical of how much chiropractors could really do for the pain. Now, looking back, I cannot believe the number of years of needless suffering were endured.

Now, I am pain-free and have been ever since my third visit. I have noticed incredible changes in my body, mind, and spirit. I now have a renewed zest for life. My energy level is higher during the day and I sleep so much better at night.

There are not enough words to express my thanks and gratitude.

Lacey C.


My husband had severe pain with Carpel Tunnel that would wake him at night. I was praying for an alternative to surgery. Dr. Block and his staff at Active Care came to a health fair at my husband’s place of employment. After the initial consultation, my husband began treatment for Carpel Tunnel, stiffness of the neck and knee. He is now enjoying life free from pain.
I was involved in a very serious head on collision. Dr. Block was the Chiropractor my husband trusted with my care. It is well worth the hour drive from our home. Even though I am being treated for my wreck injuries, I am getting relief from TMJ and other ailments I have suffered from for years. Our daughter, who is taking me for treatment, was suffering from severe headaches and has begun treatment as well.
My whole family recommends Active Care and we each enjoy a better quality of life after treatment. I truly believe that Active Care is the answer to several prayers concerning my family’s health. We would like to thank Dr. Block and the staff at Active Care for taking such wonderful care of us.

Kristi W.